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Garoo is an autonomous mobility device that can help people move around using 3 modes, “Follow-Me”, “Line-Trace” and “Memory Trace”. It comes in 2 forms, One-seater “Garoo” and two-seater “Mobilis”.

Each Garoo can carry 1 passenger and, by using “Follow-Me” technology, 3 Garoos in single file can follow the operator. Garoo is to be introduced in an airport, allowing an airport staff lead passengers to the boarding gate and immigration. The features of Garoo are its futuristic design and easy operation from operator’s own smartphones.


Thouzer is a robotic cart used to aid in heavy and multiple load transportation.

Why Thouzer?
  • Sites that require a lot of manual transportation
  • Long-term labor shortages and aging population
  • Sites that have tried to deploy AGV in the past but failed
  • Sites that are not suitable for fully autonomous deployment

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